Order Information


1.) Start by choosing your items, noting size and color preferences.

2.) Email us with your inquiry.

3.) Wait for a return email stating availability, and subsequent dialog about your choices, as well as a total, including shipping charges.

4.) Once we have established your order:

    a.) Make a check or money order payable to: Johanna Barnes
    b.) Mail the check to: 85 Maple Lane, Shelton, CT 06484


General Charge for 1 item is $3.50. If you are ordering more than 1 item, please allow a response for shipping charges. Generally the shipping cost per item reduces when mailed to the same address. For instance, an order of 12 shirts may work out to $1.25 per shirt in shipping charges. Items are shipped from the East coast, so arrival times may vary from state to state.


We will be attending many events throughout the year as well as filling orders, so while there is quite a bit of stock to choose from, availability changes daily. Please keep in mind that with special arrangements, special orders can be placed, especially for groups of 12 or more! This might allow you some other choices in colors and sizes not currently in stock. Contact us for more detailed information.

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